How to Justify Your Salary

by Paul Joseph on January 17, 2014 · 0 comments

When you look for a job, one of the first things you consider is the paycheck. Nothing wrong with that, of course, because everybody likes to be paid adequately for the hard work they put into the task. If you don’t find the salary to be adequate, you probably will not take up the job at all. However, the food for thought here is: if you find the salary to be satisfactory and do take up that job, do you ensure that you justify the money you draw from the company? Unfortunately, not a lot of people do that. In today’s world, justifying your salary is not just about ensuring that you have a clear conscious; it is about reinforcing your job security and setting up a strong foundation for steady career growth. With more and more companies laying off nonperforming employees, the sword is dangling over the jobs of millions of employees all over the country. In such a situation, you need to make sure that you justify your salary by turning into an asset for your employer. Doing your job well is not just enough Employers are always partial towards employees who add value to the company. Here, it is important to note that simply doing your job well does not necessary add value. You need to go one step ahead and perform exceptionally well, even if you have to do more than the requirements of your job profile. That is when the employer feels that the money spent on you is worth every cent. Smart work justifies your salary Adding value is not about working your butt off for around eighteen hours a day. Rather, it is about putting in quality work in the time that you spend on your job. In other words, it is more about “smart work”. Before you implement a strategy or proceed with a project in a particular manner, spend some time planning out the route. Think of various options and formulate a plan that ensures that the project is completed before time and within budgets. Also prepare a contingency plan for any roadblock you foresee in the execution. Such efficiency and professionalism justify your salary. Be a team player and a leader in your own right Justifying your salary includes displaying soft skills such as communication, team spirit, leadership, good decision making, troubleshooting and independence. By displaying these skills, you become a wholesome package that adds value to the working of the company. Make sure that you learn as much as possible from daily experiences at your workplace and use your experience to enhance your performance and skills. Its not about the money Ironically, in order to justify your salary, you have to stop thinking in terms of money. Do not restrict yourself from performing a specific task because it is not a part of your job profile. Do not stop yourself from performing an important task because you are not being paid to do it. Consider such tasks as a learning experience and excel at them. You are sure to impress your employers and convince them that you are a major asset to the company. There is another major advantage of justifying your salary – you build a solid base to ask for a pay raise. Your employer will not mind hiking your pay because you have been justifying your salary. so, go that extra mile to justify your pay.

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