How to Resign graciously?

by Paul Joseph on August 30, 2013 · 0 comments

It is a well-known fact that leaving a job is a personal decision as we’re not going to win the whole world after such a move.  Nor, anybody in public is going to celebrate it with us. Quitting a job needs very good planning, confidence and a good exit strategy. The most important thing about leaving a company is leaving it on good terms, even if you are not satisfied with the company policies and your coworkers.  So, do not block your ways by leaving foes behind, as it is a small world and nobody knows when you ways may cross again. To keep your career, stay on track and form good contacts in the industry, follow the following tips: 1.    Do not do advanced publicity of your job hunt The easiest way to annoy your boss is to inadvertently inform him about your decision to quit the company.  Such kind of annoyance results into uncooperative attitude and negative feedback on the social media.  So, do not inform even your closest friends or colleagues about your decision to resign or starting a job hunt. Informing your friends may result into the leakage of the news to the wrong people and it becoming a part of office gossips. 2.  Do not say bad words for your boss even on social media Any kind of badmouthing or cribbing about your boss on social media may result into it getting viral.  So, always abstain from such behavior.  Take hundred percent responsibility of what you are posting on social channels.  Even if you discuss the reasons why you left a particular organization, always handle it diplomatically and say that you wanted some professional change.  So, never resort to denouncing your organization or your boss. 3.  Always resign in person, and then prepare an official letter Do not send group e-mails to your colleagues as breaking news of your announcement to resign.  Book an appointment with your boss or the HR to inform him in person about your decision to quit.  During the meet up, you can submit your official resignation letter to your boss as per your employment contract, before you initiate a discussion. 4.  Don’t burn bridges Though, you are never supposed to return to your workplace, once you resign from it;   but, a highly networked world has made it possible that your path may cross again somewhere.  So, it is wise to form good relationships with your employer and stay in touch with them, so that you can join them again in future, if a suitable opportunity arrives.  It is also possible, that your boss or HR might be interviewing you in future at some other company, you apply for.  So, always keep your exit meeting sweet and always express your desire to stay in touch. 5.  Do not get emotional during the notice period It is quite natural to become emotional while leaving your company, as you have spent a considerable time here.  It might be anger, frustration, or simply the feeling of getting separated from your best friends at work.  So, keep your feelings and facts separate, while expressing your views on paper or on electronic networks.

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