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CIO, CMO and CTO otherwise known as the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Technology Officer respectively have distinctly different ways of contributing to a concern. Here is a lowdown of the details of the job responsibilities and role shouldered and played by them at their respective work places. Taking each of these profiles individually, the job responsibilities may differ a tad little bit with the corporate demands of different companies they are placed in, but the basic functions performed by them remain similar. Let us find out more: CIO or Chief Information Officer: Entrusted with the task of bolstering the quality of services and the cost effectiveness of a business, the Chief Information Officers have to shoulder the responsibility of leading the technological initiatives of a commercial enterprise. The entire implementation of the initiatives depends upon how the Chief Information Officer has been able to relate the entire idea to the workers. Thus some of the key attributes that a good CIO must possess are Excellent speaking powers Keen understanding of corporate finance Sound technological knowhow An urge to produce results defying the infrastructural limitations CMO or the Chief Marketing Officer: The Chief Marketing Officer is a member of the executive team of a company looking after areas like product development, sales management, pricing, distribution channel management, promotions, advertising, customer services etc. He is mainly required to generate continuous consumer engagement thereby positioning the brand comfortably in the market and then work on ways to increase its sales. Some of the qualities or skills that must be possessed by a good CMO are: Marketing communication Pricing abilities and understanding Great interpersonal relations—-as he might also be required to communicate with a team that is not led by him, during a new marketing campaign Ability to design tactics to ensure that his strategic plans are implemented CTO or Chief Technological Officer: Needless to mention here, that the career scope of a CTO in technology driven age is immense. The primary responsibility of a Chief Technical officer is to work on each and every aspect of the technological exploits of the company. His primary job responsibility might seem similar to that of the CIO. However, while the CIO plays an all inclusive role with technology as the focus, the CTO is only concerned with the technological aspects of the company Envisioning and establishing the company’s technological aspirations, making sure that they are in compliance with the objectives set Supervision of software testing Development and Management of technology team Setting up technical standards and ensuring adherence as well However though the well defined roles of these three crucial entities have been described it must be mentioned that an organization cannot function without the proper collaboration of these three. Gone are the days when they were considered to be parts of totally different departments and thus remained segregated. The evolving roles and responsibilities of these profiles require them to work at tandem—- even though not directly reporting to each other but establishing due relations so as  to ensure overall development of the concern. Here is a list of common goals shared by the profiles for effective value addition: CIO and CMOs Take due measures to ensure that IT risk management and company risk management coincide Work on business metrics influencing over all business development Management of internal and external resources to maximize cost cutting Bringing governance to business process executives The CIO CTO and CMO collaboration becomes indispensible when it comes to something like a Communication Service Provider, as its marketing strategies need the backing of the IT and network so as to perceive possible changes in their entirety. While the Chief Marketing officer can spell out the product definition, the Chief Information Officer can anticipate the impact of the strategies on existing services and costs, whereas the Chief Technological Officer will be able to determine if any modification is required in the CSP network or not.

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